Why Exhibit?

  • Meet face to face with leading Halal manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, consumers, and potential investors
  • Build a B2B network of Halal industry players and B2C relationships with consumers
  • Showcase your Halal products and services to industry buyers and consumers and promote your products and services in a cost-effective manner
  • Strengthen your ties with existing customers
  • Generate leads and prospects for future business
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility
  • Enhance your offerings using feedback from your customers
  • Launch new Halal products and services

Exhibitor Profile


Halal Food

  • Beef, lamb, chicken, and seafood
  • Processed, canned, and packaged foods
  • Baby food
  • Dairy products and baked goods
  • Organic food and specialty products
  • Pastries, chocolate, and dried fruits
  • Herbs and seasonings

Halal Food Production

  • Raw materials and ingredients
  • Equipment for animal husbandry
  • Slaughtering, production, processing, and refrigeration equipment


  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Halal finance
  • Business associations and NGOs
  • Charitable foundations
  • Regulators and accreditors
  • Halal certification services
  • Halal logistics services
  • Halal publications
  • Education and training services
  • Halal business solutions and consulting
  • Restaurants and catering
  • Hotels
  • Airline companies
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Media, advertising, and other related services
  • Packaging and logistics

Other Halal Sectors

  • Pharmaceutical companies and distributors
  • Cosmetics, perfumery, and personal care
  • Hair products and accessories
  • Fashion and textile
  • Cartoons and literature
  • Jewelry and handmade crafts