Hisham Mahmoud lectured in Arabic at Harvard University. He has previously taught Arabic at Princeton, Yale, UCLA, and Middlebury, and has edited several classical works on issues pertaining to ethics, jurisprudence, and hadith. He has studied Arabic and its ancillary sciences with scholars in Egypt, where he focused on the disciplines of grammar, morphology, and rhetoric, and has pursued traditional Islamic disciplines in Mauritania and Morocco, where he studied Qur’anic recitation, hadith, legal theory, and jurisprudence.

Mr. Mahmoud has lectured at dozens of universities nationwide and internationally on subjects pertaining to ethics and comparative religion. He is an Editorial Board member of Fons Vitae and an Assistant Editor for Sandala Publications.

More recently, he has produced video commentaries on subjects pertaining to the Prophetic Virtues, the Prophetic Biography, the Beautiful Names of God, and the Purification of the Heart. Mr. Mahmoud is the translator of the seminal commentary of Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy on Imam al-Tirmidhi’s Kitab al-Shama’il, entitled “A Portrait of the Prophet”.

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