Macedonian/Turkish vocal extraordinaire Mesut Kurtis is one of the biggest stars of nasheed and Islamic Music. He sings in Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian and Albanian Mesut Kurtis was born in 1981 in Skopje, Macedonia to a family of Turkish origin. He found in himself a deep-seated connection with music at a very early age. From there he went on to perform with groups in the local social clubs, mosques, and conferences. He went on to study at the College of Skopje and then traveled to the UK to study for a degree in Human Sciences at the University of Lampeter. Mesut’s first album “Salawat” was very warmly received by listeners around the world. His uniquely strong voice and soulful songs gave Mesut a large and loyal fan‐base which multiplied manifold after the release of his well‐known and much‐loved music video Al‐Burdah which was filmed on a location in the islands off the coast of Turkey.
His exceptional performance of the Burdah and the music video for it has become modern day classics, and gained nearly 15 million views for its official music video. His second album “Beloved” launched in 2009 at the Jeddah branch of Virgin Megastore, Saudi Arabia. It was the first time such an event took place in the country. After the long wait for Mesut Kurtis’ album, the Macedonian artist returned with his latest and third album titled “Tabassam” (Smile) in Ramadan 2014. The album featured twelve sensational tracks including a duet featuring Maher Zain. “Tabassam” proved to be yet again a groundbreaking phenomenon in this genre of music across the Muslim world. The album was released on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon and on Awakening’s online store.

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